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How are you supposed to please me? Just doing me hard till I scream is NOT the answer. The REAL answer is you MUST be up and ready when I need or want it. A man that will open the door for me or wash me in the shower after we're done. You know what's really cute? When a man would make my bed really quick after an afternoon quickie. Is this you? Are you out there?
About Me:
I'm fun, flirty, and always looking for new excitement or pleasures. Enjoyment comes from partying, going out to drink with friends, I even like cuddling & watching a movie with a cute guy. If you were wondering what I like in bed...well I enjoy lots of bedroom fun especially on rainy-days. Doggystyle and me on top feels the best I think. But sometimes when I'm in a lazy but horny mood, good ole missionary is nice or putting my legs on your shoulders while you go at it. I hope I'm not being TOO descriptive but hopefully you like it and that will make our first time even better. Get back to me soon.

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