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Knowing a man can handle his own is a huge turn on in itself. He needs to be goal oriented (there is a big difference between a dreamer and someone who actually strives to acheive a goal), humerous (I love to laugh and be laughed at), honesty (very important, when you are dishonest it comes out in the long run and may cause a bigger stink than it probably would have), trustworthy (everyone starts with an ounce of trust with me and you can chose to build onto that or lose it all together), compassionate (someone who isn't afraid to express his feelings is an admirable quality), intellegence (I thrive on good conversation, I hate it when a conversation is one sided, you eventually run out of things to say if that is the case!) m sorry if that seems like alot to ask for, but I know I am capable of all of these, therefore others have to be as well!)Besides, these are just all the qualities that a decent person would possess anyway if this is you, then ya know the drill! ;)
About Me:
I think I am one of the most genuine people you can meet. I love to laugh and be laughed at, however I do know when to be serious. I am an open book, so seek and ye shall find! Here is a selection of magazines/catalogs that you can find me reading during work breaks- time, newsweek, fredericks, victorias secret, motor trend, cosmo, and fitness. So see I'm very well rounded intellectually. Physically I am well rounded in all the right places. Don't let my tank fool ya- I am not a stripper, exotic dancer, etc. I'm just a woman confident with herself that is proud to wear her sexy side. you want more about me?come on in WWW.OPHELYA.8M.COM this is my website

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